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First came Yeezianity. Now, just in time for Kanye and Kim’s wedding, a new religion has sprung up. Get ready to worship at the feet–if you aren’t already doing so–of Beyoncé. The National Church of Bey, founded by a group of twelve friends in Atlanta, just released their first commercial inviting the skeptics among us to worship with them…

Although Yeezianity still has the corner on being THE BEST CHURCH OF ALL TIME!!!!!, Beyism, as the religion is known, is growing in popularity. There have been radio interviews and satirical web posts about Beyism, but soon enough there will also be a temple (they broke ground May 6th, according to the website). Another online statement, lamenting the spread of “false information,” shares the worshipers’ message of reverence. Much like Yeezianity’s esteem for its central figure (whose name is barred from being spoken), Beyism holds Beyoncé as the apex of human creativity and divinity:

We ask that you consider what is more real; an invisible spirit on high, or a walking, talking, breathing Goddess who shows you her true form daily. Beyonce’s spirit is entrancing. We know that she was sent to this place to spread love, peace, and joy. While we do not believe Beyonce to be the Creator, we recognize that she still sits among the throne of Gods….As Beyonce spreads her gospel through song and dance, her message  provides uplifting, loving, and many times real-life happenings. We humbly ask you to respect our beliefs, just as you want those to respect yours. Open your mind to new possibilities and you will see, just as we did, that Bey is a true higher power. Surfbort!

Beyonce at the 2013 VMAs. Picture by mp3waxx via Flickr (

Beyonce at the 2013 VMAs. Picture by mp3waxx via Flickr ( By mp3waxx via Flickr

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Followers of Beyism have even assembled a Beyble; a collection of Beyoncé’s words and song lyrics that will, according to the website, be available soon for public consumption. It’s hard to know what to make of such devotion. On the one hand, it’s easy to find it silly, and it is silly in some ways. Beyoncé is just a person–albeit a stunningly beautiful, collected, talented one. Worshiping her makes as little sense to me as worshiping Kanye or Alan Greenspan or Alice Munro. On the other hand, plenty of religions look silly on their face. If someone framed Christianity by saying that I worship a dead carpenter who claimed to heal sick people and ascended from the earth into heaven, without taking any attendant details into consideration, I would have to concede that it sounds pretty silly, too. It remains unclear just what Beyoncé-worship entails, although once the temple is built the weekly hymns are sure to be off the hook. And the parallels between Beyism and Christianity are not lost on me. This is a very Lincoln-Kennedy situation: – Both started with a group of twelve – Beyism began in Atlanta, the “Jerusalem of the 21st century*” * I just made that up – The spokesperson for Beyism is named Pauline. The most famous spokesperson for Christianity outside of its founder was named Paul. – “Amen!” and “Surfbort!” both have the same number of syllables Whatever the future of Beyism, I do have one hope: Please let Bey officiate the upcoming Kimye wedding.

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Laura Turner

Laura Turner

Laura Turner is a writer and editor living in San Francisco. In addition to being a regular contributor to Christianity Today’s “Her.meneutics” blog, she has also written for publications such as Books & Culture and The Bold Italic. She is interested in the intersection of church and culture.


  1. I’m not surprised at all about this, nor should any Christ follower. In the Gospel in the book of 2Thessalonians 2:1-12; it talks about the events leading to the 2nd coming of Christ. I do not believe Beyonce want any part of a “church” that worship her. She herself is a GOD-fearing woman. These are a bunch of identity lost individuals that need Jesus. The author of this article is off her rocker too for her comparisons. No man can compare themselves to GOD and HIS SON, Jesus. No man can compare!!!!!

  2. Just formalizing a truth lived by many, their lives made happier by their pop faith. This “ism” or “ity” joins the thousands of others and is no more delusional or spiritually true.

  3. Religion has 99 problems, but Bey ain’t one.

    Let’s get back to the teachings and model of Jesus. And let’s turn our backs on:
    Power politics
    Prosperity gospel
    Pastor worship
    Bad stewardship of creation
    Ignoring the cries of the poor and oppressed
    Currying favor with the rich and powerful
    Using religious power to sexually abuse the vulnerable
    Reducing Jesus to a system of doctrines
    Reducing spirituality to a system of steps
    Hating and devouring co-religionists in God’s name
    Damning and doing violence to religious others in the Name of the Prince of Peace
    I could go on.

    Once we get our own house in order, then perhaps we will have time to dialogue with fairly silly religious upstarts like Beyism. Until that day, let’s crank up the radio with something we can dance to (perhaps Crazy in Love) and get to work.

  4. The person who believes this stuff needs immediate psychiatric help. If you’re going to worship a human, WORSHIP YOUR DAMN SELF. Freaking crazy, live your own life, not someone elses. People following these beyonce worshiping footsteps are the type of people to decline the IQ and overall value of a species

  5. Are you guys Seriously hurling Insults at Beyoncè and cursing her? Beyonce has nothing to do with all That.. It’s just a group of really disturbed and Attention seeking people doing this Messed up shit..

  6. Beyonce is a devil puppet dat hav sole are soul to de devil in exchange of money and fame.satan is her god an she is trying to lead many people into everlasting destruction,pls brethren in the Lord lets all know dat only Jesus our Lord has de key to eternal life, beware bcos Beyonce is a forerunner of antichrist who has chosen the part of everlasting destruction.

  7. Look stop the madness, these people or flesh and weak, I do believe they really sale there soul to the Satan for worldly things,Satan tried it with Jesus am glad he to Satan to get behind him letting him no that he is nothing. And most black singer grow up in church.

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